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The Staron® Design awards have attracted some beautiful, unique and amazing designs in the years it has been running. The awards were initially created to recognise outstanding design, and the concept category was specifically opened to recognise students. The entries in this category have displayed extraordinary skills and talent with creative flair. The Staron® Design Award judges were impressed by so many entries in the concept category 2013. Here are a few from BILLY BLUE COLLEGE OF DESIGN students that created unique and functional concept designs with a fresh perspective. We are sure that these creative students have a bright future in design. All concept descriptions are by the design students.


STARON - BOOKCASE 1“The Interior Design Element that has been created is a Contemporary Bookcase. This particular design isn’t like ordinary shelving, but shelving that’s situated on a 45-degree angle and extends across each other. The shelving intersects so that all the pressure is drawn toward the center and the element achieves balance and wont collapse due to uneven weight. I’ve selected Staron as the material for this concept due to the fact it can be thermoformed into curves, which is incorporated into the base of the design, plus the flexibility of the material allows various shapes to form easily. The features of Staron provide a surface that can be cleaned simply, is stain free and is easily maintained.” By Rebecca Soliman.





Staron Installation1

“One of the many possibilities with Staron® Sold Surface is that it can be formed and moulded into any shape or design imaginable. A suspension lighting fixture will be created to challenge the flexibility of the material. The lighting object will look like a rabble of butterflies flying out of a nest. A “ribbon” will be twisted to create a three-dimensional space used as the nest. A few butterflies will be created to give the solid surface material a fluid look.” By Jin Zhong.

Staron Product2

Staron Product1



staron3“The Staron screen reflects the concept of bubbles, through the repetition of cut out circles. It is the statement piece of the design, and has an illuminated panel within the screen. The use of brown is intrinsic with Nespresso’s rich colour palette, whilst the warm white lighting adds softness to the space. The large opening at the left of the screen, serves as a doorway to the rest of the office from the reception area. This playfulness is sure to capture client’s attention when they visit.”

By Amelia Lipa .








“A bold and innovative use of the Staron finish can be seen in this feature staircase. The smooth and seamless properties of Staron can be seen in full effect in the design, and the use of the Univers colour from the Vivids Range is a playful interpretation. Functionality is not lost either, with holes being carved from the Staron to allow for storage space.”
By Lara Ette.




“I have combined Staron and audio technology to design a contemporary hanging sound system that is suitable for the home or workplace. The middle sphere contains all the controls and the spheres to either side are speakers. CD’s can be inserted and there is a dock for Apple products to play music from.  I have chosen Staron because it can be thermoformed and carved to accommodate for the technological components and the curvaceous form. Also, the shiny smooth reflective surface and potential for lighting effects suit the high-tech space aged feel of the piece.” By Katarina Markovic.





Staron - Image1

“The design chosen for the Staron Design Competition is influenced from the brand Audi, selected for the Commercial Interior Assessment. Based on first impressions I felt the need for a piece of bespoke designed seating that only Staron Solid Surfaces could create.  The object designed is a reception waiting seat constructed as one continuous solid surface. The green colour used is inspired from Audi’s colour palette as used in racing competitions. The features and benefits of Staron technology have heavily influenced the design process of the reception waiting seat. The features include; one continuous element, durability, wall mounted and fixed to give light and spacious feeling and individual reading lights.”
By Ken Dessaix.

Staron - Image2

Staron - Image4



Nicky portrait_1

We thank Owen Lynch for his time as a judge for the Staron Design Awards. His knowledge, feedback and input were really valued. We wish Owen the best of luck with his future opportunities.

We are excited to welcome Nicky Lobo who will join the judges’ panel – along with existing judges Stephen Varady [Stephen Varady Architecture] and Amanda Stanaway  [Woods Bagot].

Nicky Lobo is Deputy Editor of Habitus magazine, published by Indesign Group, a cross-media company responsible for Indesign, Habitus, DQ, The Collection, Binder,, and a series of international industry events.

Nicky began the Bachelor of Design (Interior Design) course at Design Centre Enmore while gaining experience in the interiors departments of commercial practices Group GSA and PTW. But before completing the course, she decided she liked thinking and talking about design more than actually doing it.

Following gaining a Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Writing and Cultural Studies) from UTS, she has been pursuing this interest at Indesign Group for over five years, particularly relishing her directional role in Habitus magazine since its launch in 2008.

With her wealth of experience in the design industry, we look forward to hearing Nicky’s feedback on the entries and her perspective on the designs.

Edition 2 of the Staron Design Awards are open and will close on November 30, 2013.

For more information on the Staron Design Awards, the judges and how to enter, visit the website.

Zaha Hadid

“Retail of Tomorrow” display at 100% Design 2013 

The Swiss fashion brand is going against the tide of well-known fashion labels: From purely online selling to a physical shop. The combination of exclusive design and material with modern, interactive communication in the first flagship store in the Swiss city of Neuchâtel turns shopping into a social and cultural event for customers. The design was launched at 100% Design 2013.

STARON totem with touch screen at 100% Design 2013

Renowned designer and architect Zaha Hadid designed key pieces using Staron® Solid Surfaces by Samsung. The fluid and thermoformed curvy pieces reflect the innovative and urban feel of The furniture is modularly constructed and can be used for various sales scenarios: from temporary pop-up installations to shop-in-shop solutions or individual store designs. The furnishings included tables, presentation systems, interactive displays. The tables can be used in variable heights as benches, tables or counters.

STARON furniture at 100% Design 2013

Alongside the flagship store, the “Retail of Tomorrow“ exhibition featured a modular shop-in-shop system and an interactive customer communication program.

Samsung Semiconductor developed the add-ons which delighted customers: From the interactive shop window to a digital “welcome” at the door and the in-store installations with interactive customer offers.

STARON counter at 100% Design 2013

For more information on the exhibition partners:

The Staron® Design awards have attracted some beautiful, unique and amazing designs in the years it has been running. The awards were initially created to recognise outstanding design, and the concept category was specifically opened to recognise students. The entries in this category have displayed extraordinary skills and talent with creative flair. The Staron® Design Award judges were impressed by so many entries in the concept category 2012. Here are a few from Billy Blue College of Design students that created unique and functional concept designs with a fresh perspective. We are sure that these creative students have a bright future in design. All concept descriptions are by the design students.


Meeting table by Clarissa Santoso



“The meeting table created demonstrates the various strengths of Staron®. There are three curved table legs, which are placed in the centre of the table to create more awareness about the thermoform properties of Staron®. This piece of furniture with various curves and unique shapes is designed is to embrace and display this innovatively manufactured material. The meeting table was designed to emphasize the Staron® characteristics of durability and it can be easily maintained for those who work in a fast paced environment”, Clarissa Santoso.


Chair by Huynh Yen Tinh



“This chair concept is inspired by the unique, thermoforming qualities that Staron® offers. The continuous curve from the back to front the seat creates a smooth, and elegant feel. The chair also features a glossy black trim to contrast with the main Quasar White, and Onyx colours. The chair is suitable for any interior environment, whether commercial, hospitality, corporate or residential”, Huynh Yen Tinh.


Office space by Jessica Szwarcberg

Camera 3

Camera 7

“The Staron® object in this office space is the curved ceiling feature. The individually crafted curved segments collectively create a beautiful shape and a sense of movement within the office. The light and shadow that is cast on and off the Staron® gives suggestion of movement around you. The shape highlights unity and contrast, developing depth within the office. It also segments the room subtlety by having the one wave with two sides, causing the ceiling feature to distinguish direction within the space”, Jessica Szwarcberg.


Toilet partitions by Lara Dillon

Lara Dillon- Toilet Stalls 3

Lara Dillon- Toilet Stalls

My concept design of toilet partitions made from Staron® solid surface is a curved shape forming a wave. This flowing design curves to be sleek, sophisticated and modern. The wave shaped curve forms every second stall floor and all the others have a ceiling. The locks are made of polished stainless steel to give a sophisticated and modern element to the toilet stalls. Staron® is the best material to be utilised for this design, as it is durable and thermoformable, and can be formed into a flowing curve and extended to a limitless edge”, Lara Dillon.


Coffee table by Quyen Hutchinson

Staron 3

Staron 1

“This aztec inspired coffee table is ideal for any waiting room. The folding shape creates three hidden levels on which you can store magazines and books. The overhanging structure of this table boasts the strength and stability of Staron®. The immaculately smooth surface texture of Staron® greatly appealed to me, as did its durable and sustainable nature”, Quyen Hutchinson.


Congratulations to all the students for creating such cutting edge concepts. The Staron® Design Awards 2013 are now open for entries. Categories are open in Commercial, Residential and Concept design.

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Not every entry to the Staron® Design Awards can be a winning design, however, we are giving all commercial and residential category entries a chance to win a trip for two to the KBDi International Designers’ Tour 2014! Be inspired and surrounded by international design and architecture in the company of design professionals! For a chance to win, enter your project via and answer the question below in 25 words or less:

‘What Staron® feature made it suitable for your project?’


  • Two return economy flights to Europe.
  • Twin share accommodation in Europe.
  • Travel as a part of the KBDi International Designers’ Tour 2014 with access to design exhibitions and shows.

More information on travel dates and duration closer to the end of the year. Full competition terms and conditions available here.


The Staron® Design Award winner for the concept category is Jaimie Klum. Jaimie, a commercial interior design student from Billy Blue College of Design, has been recognised for her concept submission of a Staron® kitchenette unit. The design concept draws on themes of purity, futurism, modernism and cleanliness to create a flexible, versatile kitchen space that users can adapt to meet their needs. The Staron® product’s ability to be thermoformed into curves makes it ideal for this design.

With the simplicity of a single unbroken line backlit with a glowing blue, the unit is evocative of flowing water. It is designed to hold shelving, a sink and other optional appliances. The compact and clever shape is perfect for apartments, hotels or small homes that require all spaces to be maximised.

Congratulations to Jaimie for this stunning and functional design concept.


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The winner of the Edition 2 – Staron® Design Award for the residential category is Eliza Rudkin of Lane Walker Rudkin for her work on the iCONICal Kitchen Bar.

Eliza designed an elegant kitchen in a small space. The design criteria was to ensure that each element maximized storage space, while creating a dynamic and unique kitchen design.

With this in mind, Eliza designed a circular conical bar to feature as the centrepiece of the kitchen space. Staron® Solid Surfaces was selected in new colour Mosaic Dalmatian to create this piece. The material was thermoformed to form a circular and virtually seamless shape with no open joins, just one continuous monolithic surface. The bar was geometrically integrated to set the tone of this bespoke kitchen.

Accentuating the kitchen’s elegance, the conical bar becomes a tactile talking point and social aspect to the kitchen, perfect to lean against for a coffee and a chat or hang out at parties. The non-porous nature of Staron® ensures that no stain is ever permanent so that it maintains its beautiful finish.

The Wesley Harrop light fitting above, mirrors the bar’s iconic shape and sets the mood. The wet area has been integrated into the top of the bar and the black accents in the Mosiac Dalmatian are highlighted by the complimentary selection of a matt black kitchen mixer. The under-mounted sink also features an additional matching Staron® piece that can be placed over the sink when it is not in use for additional bench space.

The kitchen features integrated appliances, and a series of five VZug appliances, which form a mirrored cube. All aspects of the kitchen are visually alluring yet efficiently positioned to enhance functionality.

Eliza selected a varied and bold colour palette including greys, golds, natural timber and the white and black feature to enhance the unique desired look and feel. The overall result is an inviting, unique and distinctive kitchen space.

Staron® Fabrication by: Seamless Designs
Photography: Juan Van Staden

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