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Austaron Surfaces


The concept winner is Stephanie Nguyen, a student from Billy Blue College of Design.

Stephanie designed a modular kitchenette set made entirely of Staron®. The rounded edges create a sleek and playful look, which enhances the idea of customisable modules that can come in various configurations.

There are no handles in order to create a seamless surface which Staron® can produce along with an integrated sink. This kitchenette creates an intriguing and interactive space to be enjoyed. The clever design would solve many layout issues in todays increasing apartment living.

Each module can be moved to create the perfect solution for different kitchen layouts creating an adaptable product. The performance properties of Staron® would also mean that the entire surface of the materials including the benchtops, sink and cabinetry that is all made with Staron® can be maintained easily. Congratulations to Stephanie for creating a concept that is visually beautiful in design, while also being a very practical solution to apartment living.


”This modular kitchen design is intelligent in its idea, pleasing in its proportion and clever in its versatility.  It is an extremely accomplished design that truly shows off the potential of the Staron product in straight and curved surfaces, while also showing off its opaque and translucent characteristics.”
Stephen Varady, Stephen Varady Associates.

”The Staron® kitchenette concept uses the material in a way that showcases its unique properties, and also addresses the increasing need for space-efficient and modular furniture.”,
Nicky Lobo, Habitus Magazine.


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