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Austaron Surfaces



Congratulations to Hatice Yavuz of Billy Blue College of Design for being announced as a runners up to the Staron Design Awards – Concept Category for Edition 2, 2013. Here is the winning design as described by the designer:


“The Staron organic centrepiece is designed by soft organic lines to create a polished and smooth centrepiece. This new product concept is pushing the boundaries of Staron products to be more then just a material for kitchen bench tops or bathroom vanities etc, but to expand Staron as a material to build highly decorative pieces. This normal table is transformed into an amazing work of art thanks to Staron design. Which also holds decorative displays of your choice. Transform any space with your custom made Staron pieces”, Hatice.

Congratulations to Hatice for exploring the potential of Staron Solid Surfaces.


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