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The Staron® Design awards have attracted some beautiful, unique and amazing designs in the years it has been running. The awards were initially created to recognise outstanding design, and the concept category was specifically opened to recognise students. The entries in this category have displayed extraordinary skills and talent with creative flair. The Staron® Design Award judges were impressed by so many entries in the concept category 2012. Here are a few from Billy Blue College of Design students that created unique and functional concept designs with a fresh perspective. We are sure that these creative students have a bright future in design. All concept descriptions are by the design students.


Meeting table by Clarissa Santoso



“The meeting table created demonstrates the various strengths of Staron®. There are three curved table legs, which are placed in the centre of the table to create more awareness about the thermoform properties of Staron®. This piece of furniture with various curves and unique shapes is designed is to embrace and display this innovatively manufactured material. The meeting table was designed to emphasize the Staron® characteristics of durability and it can be easily maintained for those who work in a fast paced environment”, Clarissa Santoso.


Chair by Huynh Yen Tinh



“This chair concept is inspired by the unique, thermoforming qualities that Staron® offers. The continuous curve from the back to front the seat creates a smooth, and elegant feel. The chair also features a glossy black trim to contrast with the main Quasar White, and Onyx colours. The chair is suitable for any interior environment, whether commercial, hospitality, corporate or residential”, Huynh Yen Tinh.


Office space by Jessica Szwarcberg

Camera 3

Camera 7

“The Staron® object in this office space is the curved ceiling feature. The individually crafted curved segments collectively create a beautiful shape and a sense of movement within the office. The light and shadow that is cast on and off the Staron® gives suggestion of movement around you. The shape highlights unity and contrast, developing depth within the office. It also segments the room subtlety by having the one wave with two sides, causing the ceiling feature to distinguish direction within the space”, Jessica Szwarcberg.


Toilet partitions by Lara Dillon

Lara Dillon- Toilet Stalls 3

Lara Dillon- Toilet Stalls

My concept design of toilet partitions made from Staron® solid surface is a curved shape forming a wave. This flowing design curves to be sleek, sophisticated and modern. The wave shaped curve forms every second stall floor and all the others have a ceiling. The locks are made of polished stainless steel to give a sophisticated and modern element to the toilet stalls. Staron® is the best material to be utilised for this design, as it is durable and thermoformable, and can be formed into a flowing curve and extended to a limitless edge”, Lara Dillon.


Coffee table by Quyen Hutchinson

Staron 3

Staron 1

“This aztec inspired coffee table is ideal for any waiting room. The folding shape creates three hidden levels on which you can store magazines and books. The overhanging structure of this table boasts the strength and stability of Staron®. The immaculately smooth surface texture of Staron® greatly appealed to me, as did its durable and sustainable nature”, Quyen Hutchinson.


Congratulations to all the students for creating such cutting edge concepts. The Staron® Design Awards 2013 are now open for entries. Categories are open in Commercial, Residential and Concept design.


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