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The winner of the Edition 2 – Staron® Design Award for the residential category is Eliza Rudkin of Lane Walker Rudkin for her work on the iCONICal Kitchen Bar.

Eliza designed an elegant kitchen in a small space. The design criteria was to ensure that each element maximized storage space, while creating a dynamic and unique kitchen design.

With this in mind, Eliza designed a circular conical bar to feature as the centrepiece of the kitchen space. Staron® Solid Surfaces was selected in new colour Mosaic Dalmatian to create this piece. The material was thermoformed to form a circular and virtually seamless shape with no open joins, just one continuous monolithic surface. The bar was geometrically integrated to set the tone of this bespoke kitchen.

Accentuating the kitchen’s elegance, the conical bar becomes a tactile talking point and social aspect to the kitchen, perfect to lean against for a coffee and a chat or hang out at parties. The non-porous nature of Staron® ensures that no stain is ever permanent so that it maintains its beautiful finish.

The Wesley Harrop light fitting above, mirrors the bar’s iconic shape and sets the mood. The wet area has been integrated into the top of the bar and the black accents in the Mosiac Dalmatian are highlighted by the complimentary selection of a matt black kitchen mixer. The under-mounted sink also features an additional matching Staron® piece that can be placed over the sink when it is not in use for additional bench space.

The kitchen features integrated appliances, and a series of five VZug appliances, which form a mirrored cube. All aspects of the kitchen are visually alluring yet efficiently positioned to enhance functionality.

Eliza selected a varied and bold colour palette including greys, golds, natural timber and the white and black feature to enhance the unique desired look and feel. The overall result is an inviting, unique and distinctive kitchen space.

Staron® Fabrication by: Seamless Designs
Photography: Juan Van Staden


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