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The Staron® Design Award winner for the concept category is Jaimie Klum. Jaimie, a commercial interior design student from Billy Blue College of Design, has been recognised for her concept submission of a Staron® kitchenette unit. The design concept draws on themes of purity, futurism, modernism and cleanliness to create a flexible, versatile kitchen space that users can adapt to meet their needs. The Staron® product’s ability to be thermoformed into curves makes it ideal for this design.

With the simplicity of a single unbroken line backlit with a glowing blue, the unit is evocative of flowing water. It is designed to hold shelving, a sink and other optional appliances. The compact and clever shape is perfect for apartments, hotels or small homes that require all spaces to be maximised.

Congratulations to Jaimie for this stunning and functional design concept.



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