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Austaron Surfaces



The Staron® Design Award winners for the commercial category is GMD Architectural Joinery / Holly Rickard for Watson Young Architects. They have been awarded for creating a multifaceted reception desk made entirely with Staron® Solid Surfaces in colour Sanded Icicle.

The reception desk features Staron® from the countertop to the reception front, sides, and even continues onto the desk workspace with integrated Staron® shelving for document storage.

The Staron® has been angled in different directions to create a geometrical look replicating a piece of carved rock. With no open joins and a smooth finish, the surface continues around the reception desk in one monolithic surface.

The non-porous nature of Staron® makes it the perfect surface solution for this application as it will remain stain free and easy to maintain to keep it looking beautiful.

The seamless nature of Staron® also means that the entire structural feature has no open joins, just one continuous and monolithic surface. The design was created to look like it has been carved out of rock.

Congratulations to GMD Architectural Joinery Pty Ltd, Holly Rickard for Watson Young Architects and Vaughan Constructions for this outstanding design.



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