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Staron Design Award Winning Design by Peter Carman of Dakota Design /Waves Surfaces

Staron Design Award Winning Design by Peter Carman of Dakota Design

The winner of the Commercial Category is Peter Carman of Dakota Design for the design of the new Waves Surfaces showroom in Perth, WA. The impressive showroom used Staron® Solid Surfaces for the benchtops, sinks, service areas, clad to cabinetry, ceilings and even created unique sculptures.

Peter used the Wave Surfaces logo as the concept, and represented it in different aspects of the showroom. Staron® was formed into the logo design in a large scale and downlights were installed directly into the material to create a ceiling feature piece in the centre of the showroom.

Thermoformed Staron® flows around the space emphasising the ‘wavy’ theme. From curved benchtops continuing seamlessly to cladded cabinets, and integrating vertically into the walls. To identify the sample and sink display areas of the showroom, the back of the Staron® sheets were etched and then backlit so that the words ‘colour samples’ and ‘integrated sinks’ are illuminated.

Peter also designed beautiful art-like sculpture pieces by thermoforming and inlaying two contrasting colours of Staron® to create effective and interesting ‘black and white’ show pieces.

Every aspect of the showroom features a soft curve or wave emphasising the brand and logo of Wave Surface. Peter’s beautiful design and Wave Surfaces fabricating techniques have pushed every boundary of design in this project by using Staron® in so many different forms.

Congratulations to Peter Carman of Dakota Design for a unique and outstanding project.


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