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Deseos Design - Staron Design Award Winner

Deseos Design - Staron Design Award Winner

The winner of the Concept Category is Wilma van Boxtel of Deseos Design. The Concept Category is for entries that have not been realised, but are a design idea or concept.

Wilma designed a concept of a seamless long dining table made entirely of Staron® Solid Surfaces. The surface is made in one seamless piece of Staron® from the tabletop and is thermoformed to continue down to all four legs.

The edges of the table continue and form into beautiful soft curves on each side. The clean lines of this piece is perfect for the seamless, non porous and durable attributes of Staron®.

“Staron® was selected because of the rounded shapes that are almost impossible in other materials, as well as its durability and easy maintenance”, says Wilma about why she designed this concept for Staron®.

The simple beauty of this dining table combines beautifully with any chair design or design style. Congratulations to Wilma van Boxtel and Deseos Design for this elegant and outstanding design.


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