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Austaron Surfaces


Staron® Solid Surfaces is created by technology leader Samsung, and is comprised of a natural and pure mineral derived from bauxite and blended with an advanced pure acrylic resin, resulting in the world’s premium surface material.

Samsung Staron® has introduced the new Supreme™ Collection that adopts the look and beauty of natural stone, while taking on the advantage of the easy maintenance and joining capabilities of solid surface. Releasing 10 new colours, the Supreme™ Collection features distinct wave patterns in different hues and clarities. The ten new colours include Pastoral, Ocean View, Delphi, Cloudbank, Loam, Natural Bridge, Dawn, Magnolia, Dandelion and Presto.

Pastoral: The colour is inspired by the elements of a quiet countryside with clear air. The shapes of field and sky are minimised to a hue that expresses an earthy simplicity.


Ocean View: When the waves break on the shores of a white beach, the foamy water droplets splash apart into organic forms that feel refreshing and natural. In the same way, this pattern emits a subtle shimmer that creates a fresh atmosphere.


Delphi: This colour brings to life the sublime purity and spirit of white. It features the many definitions within white and it transforms a space with a crisp white background and subtle soft white waves.


Cloudbank: This colour combines the duality of a soft white cloudy sky and the grey of the city cement, and soft patterns and cool colours create a soothing environment.


Loam: This colour contains deep rich deep browns that express a luxurious and peaceful feeling. With dark earthy tones highlighted by lighter sandy patterns, this colour will create an opulent atmosphere.


Natural Bridge: This colour echoes nature’s soft and lasting limestone, and combines tone-on-tone colours and patterns in a gentle feathery embrace that creates a safe and warm space.


Dawn: Even the bustle of city life is silenced by the calm warmth of dawn. This pattern emulates rhythmically divided concrete exteriors with re-interpreted greys that produces a tranquil modern space.


Magnolia: Peeking out shyly like the delicate buds of white blooms that have caught drops of moisture in the morning mist, this colour features fine particulates and a soft smoky haze that creates serenity to any application.


Dandelion: Comprised of warm earth tones from nature’s palette and patterns in organic forms, this colour creates an inviting natural atmosphere that is refined.


Presto: The dark night, deep sea, and moonlit waves are united in a pattern of black, blue, and green shades whose unknown depths reflect the wonders of mystery. Presto will create a luxurious and distinguished atmosphere to any space.



Kelly Swanson-Roe designs an earthy and organic living room space featuring Acrylic Couture.


Each year Grand Designs Live offers young Australian design students the chance to showcase their talents by inviting them to create a room in our exhibition space. This year, Kelly Swanson-Roe – a Billy Blue College of Design student brought to life her interior design vision – live at the Grand Designs Live show.

Acrylic Couture in Cangiante colour Copper was featured as a projector reveal. The beautiful piece of Acrylic Couture was installed with hinges. When it sits flush against the wall, it looks like a beautiful metallic piece of art. It can then be swung open to reveal the projector screen behind. The copper colour of this piece works well with all the earthy and natural colours of the space. While the clear acrylic and metallic finish adds a sense of sophistication.

IMG_8597       10424279_832362390160114_1556518828006586767_n

The Concept

Based on Australia’s unique mega diversity; a country of extreme variable and great seasonal change. It has inspired a concept of the elements: earth, air, fire and water.


The Design

The living room has been created to subconsciously stimulate the senses. It’s a space that allows you to relax and entertain, to be productive in a serene environment, ad to completely rejuvenate and unwind. It’s design to live, work and play in but most importantly; it is a sanctuary which the soul will yearn to come home to.


The Client

Her age, taste sophistication and style – a 44 year old woman, living in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs with a high disposable income and high end tastes to match.

About Kelly Swanson-Roe


With a breadth of experience in sales and marketing, followed by a decade in broadcast journalism, Kelly brings a wide range of skills to the design industry. From flipping properties, to designing many of her friend’s homes including joinery and floor plans, Kelly has finally decided to make her passion, her profession, enrolling in Billy Blue’s Bachelor of Interior Design – Residential.

As a former news presenter and radio host, Kelly is comfortable pitching concepts and ideas, be it to large crowds or intimate groups. She also has a lot of experience managing people, so is adept with any number of tradesman and is equally happy project managing onsite, as she is in an office sketching layouts or designing on Revit & Autocad.


Congratulations to Kelly for creating this beautiful space that is very suited to her targeted client. The space is a very realistic design concept that would be easy to live in as it is functional and aesthetically appealing.

The concept winner is Stephanie Nguyen, a student from Billy Blue College of Design.

Stephanie designed a modular kitchenette set made entirely of Staron®. The rounded edges create a sleek and playful look, which enhances the idea of customisable modules that can come in various configurations.

There are no handles in order to create a seamless surface which Staron® can produce along with an integrated sink. This kitchenette creates an intriguing and interactive space to be enjoyed. The clever design would solve many layout issues in todays increasing apartment living.

Each module can be moved to create the perfect solution for different kitchen layouts creating an adaptable product. The performance properties of Staron® would also mean that the entire surface of the materials including the benchtops, sink and cabinetry that is all made with Staron® can be maintained easily. Congratulations to Stephanie for creating a concept that is visually beautiful in design, while also being a very practical solution to apartment living.


”This modular kitchen design is intelligent in its idea, pleasing in its proportion and clever in its versatility.  It is an extremely accomplished design that truly shows off the potential of the Staron product in straight and curved surfaces, while also showing off its opaque and translucent characteristics.”
Stephen Varady, Stephen Varady Associates.

”The Staron® kitchenette concept uses the material in a way that showcases its unique properties, and also addresses the increasing need for space-efficient and modular furniture.”,
Nicky Lobo, Habitus Magazine.

The residential winner is Bernadette Bellwood of the Bellwood Group.

Bernadette has been awarded for her work on an extension of this Sydney period home. The clients desired a design that was minimal and timeless using a mix of materials. The interiors and joinery were completed by Bellwood Group in conjunction with Bellwood Kitchens – a father daughter combination. Bernadette selected different materials with palettes that complemented each other including timber, marble and Samsung Staron® Solid Surfaces. A large island was designed for the kitchen, and Staron® was able to be used as the benchtop to provide one monolithic surface with no open joins. Staron® was also used on the back benchtop and splashback for a clean and integrated look with a seamless aesthetic.

The join between the benchtop where the cook top is located and splashback meets is solved with a 3mm tile cove detail. This enables the high use area where cooking takes place to easily be cleaned. Another special design feature within the kitchen is the marble on the back of the island bench, evenly lit by LEDs to create ambiance at night. Staron® Solid Surfaces was selected for this project due to its seamless aesthetic, warm touch and complementary nature when combined with timber and marble. The result of this highly textural yet harmonious palette is a kitchen space that is clean and timeless in design. Congratulations to Bernadette for this elegant design.

BENCHTOP: Samsung Staron® Solid Surfaces in colour: Bright White. Fabrication by: Jon Compton, CSS Fabrication. 
SPLASHBACK: Samsung Staron® Solid Surfaces in colour: Bright White
ISLAND FRONT: Marble Calcutta Oro SINK: Oliveri Sonetto
DOORS: Polyurethane / matched grain oak veneer
HANDLES: Bottom drawers / doors Finger pull – no handles Top cupboards overhang – no handles
OVEN: Miele H5241B COOKTOP: Miele Induction KM 6382 RANGEHOOD: Miele DA2210
FLOOR: Polished concrete


”A sophisticated palette of materials is further enhance through the use of the Staron product that complements the white walls and ceiling, the concrete floor and warm timber joinery. The crisp lines all work together harmoniously.”,
Stephen Varady, Stephen Varady Associates.

”This residential project is beautifully resolved. It highlights the way that Staron can be used as an elegant solution, becoming an integrated element of the design, as well as a feature of it.”,
Nicky Lobo, Habitus Magazine.

Commercial Category : Dune Building Design in collaboration with Rork Projects

The Commercial winners are Dune Building Design in collaboration with Rork Projects. They have been awarded for their work on Indo Café – new food outlet in the recently refurbished food court in the Canberra Centre ACT. The stand out feature piece about this project is a distinct and elegant graphic design that has been routed directly into Staron in vivid colour – Sunflower.

Staron has been wrapped around the counter and the surface continues all the way up to the benchtop areas. The surface also extends around a curved front of house counter with a flip up and swing door all made out of Staron. The front bench space has a utility area used to store utensils and napkins. The cut outs are all clad with Staron so that this storage area extends to the servery in one continuous and integrated surface. The durable nature of the material made it the perfect surface solution for this busy food court application.

The vivid colour works well with and complements the other materials and colours used in the project. From the new 17 food outlets Indo Café is striking and noticeable from the other fit outs. The use of Staron combined with the design features has resulted in a unique modern bar / restaurant feel. Congratulations to Dune Building Design and Rork Projects for this outstanding design.


”This is a clean simple design that makes maximum impact by using the bright Sunflower Staron product.  Where many designers stick to the white pallette, this designer has boldly combined the yellow colour with a routed black-painted pattern to great effect in a busy food court.  The integrated door detail is also deftly handled.”
Stephen Varady, Stephen Varady Associates.

”The Indo Café features a particular vibrant yellow that met the requirements of the client brief, and experiments with curves, fixtures and laser cutouts, to create an eye-catching location in a busy food court.”,
Nicky Lobo, Habitus Magazine.

staron 3

Congratulations to Penelope Kendall of Billy Blue College of Design for being announced as a runners up to the Staron Design Awards – Concept Category for Edition 2, 2013. Here is the winning design as described by the designer:


“The Staron element within my design is the breakout area. Designed to be reflective of the reception the breakout area is a multi-layered, textural environment. This white backlit design demonstrates the versatility of the material as it acts both as a room divide and a sculptural element. This fluid and organic design pays homage to the state of the art technology that Staron offers”, Penelope Kendall.

Staron 4

Congratulations to Penelope for creating a beautiful and unique design suitable for Staron.


Congratulations to Hatice Yavuz of Billy Blue College of Design for being announced as a runners up to the Staron Design Awards – Concept Category for Edition 2, 2013. Here is the winning design as described by the designer:


“The Staron organic centrepiece is designed by soft organic lines to create a polished and smooth centrepiece. This new product concept is pushing the boundaries of Staron products to be more then just a material for kitchen bench tops or bathroom vanities etc, but to expand Staron as a material to build highly decorative pieces. This normal table is transformed into an amazing work of art thanks to Staron design. Which also holds decorative displays of your choice. Transform any space with your custom made Staron pieces”, Hatice.

Congratulations to Hatice for exploring the potential of Staron Solid Surfaces.